The meaning of the LENORMAND Day card “The clouds”

You have drawn the lenormand day card „the clouds“?

relationship and love – lenormand day card the clouds

One of the most known sayings “After rain the sunshine will always come back” just say the truth. In matters of partnership and love this card “The cloud” plays a significant role. This card predicts often problems or obstacles in a relationship.Even that this fact scares a lot of people, the problems will not last forever. The sun will come back and the issues will be resolved. In a stable Relationship they predict however problems (often due to lack of recognition or lack of passion) which has to be taken serious. One of the reasons for such issues is often the fact that the emotional level in a relationship is more often unexplained and uncertain. If you are having such issues, further problems such as general dissatisfaction or crises, affaires etc. can arise.

Familiy and Friendship – lenormand day card the clouds

In Matters of Family and Friendship there are confusions and problems coming towards you! Perhaps problems with your Children, Parents, and Parents in law or even financial issues or further plans which cannot be realized could affect your life. No matter what problems are going to happen the Leornmand Card “The clouds” means always that these problems can be resolved and after rain the sun will come back!
Another meaning could be that something is not clear between you and your best friend, and that there will be some disagreement coming up. One of the reasons could be that there is not enough communication between you two or the conversation is perhaps only one sided. It is essential in this case to maintain this friendship!

Profession and Finances – Lenormand day card the clouds

The Lenormand Day Card “The Cloud” may also reflect problems or obstacles in financial or professional matters. If that is the case it is essential to move strategically forward and to plan conservatively. In the rarest cases, this involves financial ruin or job loss, but they predict problems or obstacles within the work or your financial situation. However carry on looking optimistic into the future. Upcoming or current issues will be dissolved and situations clarify themselves.