Devination and Tarot Card Reading

Devination – Why People use Tarot Cards for predictions?

Have you ever wondered why so many people let a clairvoyant lay the cards for them? Today fortune tellers like me are an integral part in our society. We can give assistance in matters of love and partnership, professional, financial and family subjects. A professional clairvoyant and fortune teller can also give assistance when someone is uncertain or has anxiety in order to strengthen the self-confidence. It may surprise you but many couples are calling me, especially when they are confronting relationship problems or if they have disagreements.
Anyone who is seeking my assistance should notice that I am always saying the truth and that my predictions can be positive and negative. It is essential that you are not afraid of what the cards may tell you and that you are stable enough to handle my predictions. I am not giving any statements about death, illness or serious accident.

Clairvoyance, Tarot Card Reading and other services

In my seasons I am mixing the tarot cards and place them according to certain systems in front of me. Once I have mixed the cards I can give you “thanks to my sensitive abilities”, future predictions which will help you, to handle difficult situations and show you a way, how you can make your future better. In addition to clairvoyance and astrology, I am working also as Medical Live-coach which is important for all my predictions. In addition to my local consultations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg you can book meetings with me over the phone or you can book home visits. Services such as channeling, astrology, pendulum, palm reading and Live coach are also available.

Antique – Tarot and Clairvoyance in history

Tarot and clairvoyance had all ready in the seventh century in the ancient Egypt and in China a great importance. Tarot and clairvoyance reached Europe and Germany in the 15th century 
Researchers are suspecting that “traveling peoples” introduced Tarot and clairvoyance in fairs worldwide. Especially the nobility where interested in future predictions at this time. They took the predictions serious and they were holding and living onto them very strictly.
When the Book printing has been discovered, Tarot became more and more interesting and popular for a brighter range of people.
In all this year’s many different variants has been developed. The most known are the Gypsy cards, Skatcards, Kipper cards and the most used Leonormand cards. Above of all these cards two more card decks have been developed which falls into a subcategorie. They are called the Rider-Waite Tarot and the Crowley-Tarot.

Tarot Card Reader Germany

Professional Tarot Card Reader Sky Dylan Germany

Through professional Tarot card reading I can provide insight and clarity to all my customers. Through many years of experience and sound knowledge I can provide you with results and answers, which may surprise you. It’s important to mention that Tarot reading is not equal Tarot reading. Professional Tarot is not about fortune predictions or magic, like it is in fairs or in multiple TV shows the case. It is more about theories and scientific Para-aspects which will advances the questioner when it is used correctly. Experience and respectful guidance is very important to me. Another thing you should know about me and my service, is that I do not stop our consultation abruptly once we reached the time rate. It is more important to me that my customers can benefit from this consultation with me and that they feel comfortable. Try it out. I would be happy to became a reliable partner in terms of Tarot and Live coaching for you!