Meaning of the LENORMAND Day Card „The Ring“

You have drwan the LENORMAND day card „the ring“?

love and partnership – lenormand day card the ring

In matters of love and partnership the Lenormand day car “the Ring” stands in the widest sense for “relationship”. This can be both, an old connection or an old connection that may reactivate in the future. However in the real sense this card represents a wedding.
Another meaning of this card could be that you are turning in circles in your current relationship, or that one of the partners wishes the wedding but the other partner doesn’t want it. In order to interpret these cards, it is essential to read the surrounding cards. It is important to realize that this card doesn’t mean always a happy marriage or relationship, especially if the relationship had problems in the past or is stuck currently in problems. If you are single, this card is predicting a wedding in the future, or may represent a piece of jewelry or a gift and stands often for an engagement or wedding ring.

Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot Card the Ring

Friendship and family – lenormand day card the ring

In matters of friendship and family this card could stand for a future wedding in your surroundings. Draw a second and third card in order to get further information’s, concerning this engagement and how it will end. Another meaning of this card is that a contract between you and a relative or friend could take place. Maybe it is concerning a financial aid. If this is the case the card will tell you that it is essential to secure yourself even if this is a loved person. This card does not stand (or relay rarely) for a friendship which turns into partnership and love!

Professional and financial – lenormand day card the ring

Please be aware of the Financial and professional aspects. If this card has been drawn in the future it is essential to plane and save some money. A wedding or marriage is always a financial load. Another meaning could be a professional change, especially when your partner is living in another area or country. If you are facing financial problems this card could mean that you are turning in circles and that you are searching for a solution which will make a change. The solution in these cases could be a wedding or a new contract in professional matters. It could be that the Leornmand Day card means that you should sell something in order to resolve your financial problems.