The meaning of the LENORMAND Day card “The Snake”

You have drawn the lenormand day card „the Snake“?

Relationship and Love – Lenormand Day Card the Snake

This card is one of the Lenormand Cards which men’s and women’s fear the most. This Card makes his name all honor. She does not only announce entanglements, untruthfulness, and delays but she is also often the reasons for separations pain and isolation. If this card stands for a person this person is living in their falls personality and less in her real being. These people will laugh in front of you and treat you really friendly, but once you turn your back her falls personality will appear. Then she shows her face as a false friend, the lover, the rival or the difficult mother in law. In an existent relationship this card can however have a completely different meaning. Than it means often a not suitable wife (the not matching partner). If you have lost your partner to her stay optimistic, because in a man’s life this “snake” gets rarely the chance to develop a sustainable and reliable partnership. As a snake she “poison” her victims but once she got what she wanted she will abandon him as fast as she catches him. Passion and desire is her strength!However this card must not always be interpreted as a person. In matters of love and relationship she predicts often delays, complications or obstacles which have to be solved.

Meaning of the Lenormand Day card the Snake

Family and friends – lenormand day card the snake

If you have family issues than better watch out! It is essential that you think carefully which step will be your next and wait rather a little to dissolve obstacles and ambiguities.
Maybe this card is predicting a crisis or you are already in the middle of one! Draw a second and third card in order to see how this situation will develop and how it will end. Another meaning of this card could be that your child is in an untrusted situation (in a friendship). The Snake represent always a false friend.If you have the feeling that a friend is not trustful than this card confirms your feeling!

Profession and finances – Lenormand Day Card the Snake

In matters of business, professional and financial life, the snakes predicts a non-trustful and false colleague or that a long awaited professional development will still not reaches you. If you will get offered a new job or project be caution and watch out! Whenever this card appears in your deck it is essential to be careful. A situation which seems to be relaxed can turn relay fast and easily to an unpleasant issue.You want to change your job and you have drawn the snake? Be on guard because this card could predict unexpected problems.