Meaning of the LENORMAND Day-card “the tree”

You have drawn THE LENORMAND daycard “the tree“?

meaning partnership and love

The Lenormand day-card “the tree” is in matters of love and partnership one of the most important cards. This Card reflects in general a love, acquaintance or a relationship, which is under the aspect of “continuity and Reality”. Another meaning of this card is furthermore, that this connection is under the principle of natural growth. This means that two people find their way together slowly and on a natural basis. If you are currently stuck in a situation associated with uncertainties or challenges, then you can expect a recovery within 6 to 12 months. I personally have had the experience that the Lenormand day card “the tree” is even more important and stronger in matters of love and relationship than for example the Heart, ring or Lily Card.

Meaning Lenormand Day Card Friendship and family

Just like mentioned above the lenormand day card the tree has the same meaning in friendship and family matters. This card reflects a friendship which are under the aspect “continuity and Reality “. Of course we do not have to forget that in every friendship the contact will break for a while due to “live problems, work etc.” but this friendship will never break since the contact will always remain and you will stay in touch as much as possible. If you do draw this card this means often that a friend will help you out of a crisis and will support you in long-term. If you are having disagreements with your friend, that means that the disagreement will disappear and that the friendship will recover soon. The chances that you will always find a way back to this person are big. Sometimes the paths will separate between you and your best friend, but that friendship will not disconnect and the friendship will last a lifetime. When this card has been drawn in family matters this means one more time a stable and resistant connection and phase in your live.

meaning lenormand day card the tree Work and finances

If you are drawing the Lenormand day card “the tree” and you are currently struggling with professional and financial challenges, then please do not give up and stay confident. Often this card can announce a new job which is going to be reliably and consistently. If you want to change your job and need to make a decision, this card favors your project. If you are finding yourself stuck in financial problems you will observe that this situation will get better. So please never forget that it is important to stay calm and do not give up.
If you are feeling uncomfortable in your workplace because of some colleagues, work pressure etc. the day card ”the tree” announces you a long-term recovery in a time range from 6-12 month.