The meaning of the LENORMAND Day card „the clover“

You have drawn the lenormand day card „the clover“?

relationship and love – lenormand day card the clover

The Lenormand Clover is indeed a tarot card of happiness and luck. If you are stuck in an unclear situation with a loved one, this card favors your future. The time factors in these cases are maximum up to 4 weeks. However this happiness will unfortunately not last a long time. If you are currently in a partnership and you are facing problems you can expect a short “luck” between 1 to 4 weeks of time. But don’t let you fool. In matters of passion this card could also mean that you will find a “fast luck” in the very near future. This can be a one night stand or a simple flirt.

Friendship and family – lenormand the clover

In Matters of family and friendship this card can mean that you will have some stability in this relationship. Especially in family conflicts, this card is predicting that these conflicts will find short term reconciliation. Another meaning of this card could stand for a common activity. This includes all sorts of activity such as Birthday-Party’s, Trips, events or sporting activities. It is thought important to keep in mind that “The clover” stands generally for short term happiness and a relaxing state.

Profession and finances – lenormand the clover

Just like in the other matters mentioned a little further up, “the clover” means here as well that you will find a short term happiness and stability in professional and financial matters. Maybe you are facing financial problems at the moment? If you have drawn “The clover” chances are relay high that you will be favored with a financial flow very soon. But Easy comes, Easy goes. Unfortunately this “financial Happiness” will not last unless another card has been drawn after the clover, which is announcing a long term stability, then the probability is very high that you might benefit from this luck for a long time.